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Just Dordogne

Steve and Natalie – our first year with Emotional Escapes

Natalie and I joined Emotional Escapes just over a year ago.  Like many couples we work hard and look forward to our leisure time which, for us, means regular trips to the Dordogne in France.  In fact we love it so much that last year we were lucky enough to purchase a traditional French farmhouse in the region.  Now we have homes in the UK and France!


Hand-held ‘self portrait’ on a crisp morning on our very own Dordogne estate

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5 family friendly outings in Roman Provence.

The first things that come to mind when thinking of Provence are olives, wine and lavender. These three key produces of the region have been trademark productions of the area for over 2000 years and all three of them were introduced by the Greeks and the Romans. The name Provence, derives from the Roman name “Provincia Nostra” which means “our province”. Therefore everything essentially Provençal by nature is deeply linked to its antique origins and the Greco-Roman civilization that would shape Mediterranean culture forever.

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Vaucluse Wines honoured by the Wine Spectator for 2012

The Wine Spectator a lifestyle magazine focussed on wine founded in 1976 and boasting over 240 000 wines ratings to date, has recently published their annual TOP 100 listing for 2012.

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Finding the perfect location for your luxury vacation rental in Provence.

People looking for accomodations on the Just Provence site search through our portfolio of exclusive rental properties and get attracted by the high quality photos, as they pick through the list for the perfect setting for their family’s vacation in Provence. After this process,  questions we are often asked are: where is this property located, how far is it from the nearest village, Avignon or a famous landmark and, will this vacation rental be a good base camp for excursions? In this article we’ll look at how you can determine if a location will fit your needs.

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Perfect Golf courses for your holidays in Provence part 3/3

Part 3: Bouches du Rhône

The department of the Bouches du Rhône in Provence englobes some of the most important cities of Provence, the  most prominent being  its capital Marseille but also Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Arles,  Salon-de-Provence, Tarascon or Aix-en-Provence. Making it the most populous area in Provence. It is named after the mouth of the river Rhône who reaches the sea in the Camargue Delta after having gone through Lyon, Avignon and Arles. The Alpilles range borders the department making it a highly sought after  region and therefore host to  a some very interesting golf courses and exclusive vacation rentals.

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Why you should plan your vacation in Provence early.

With the economic climate being as it is, hotels and holiday resorts see an increase in last-minute bookings. Does this mean the trend nowadays is to plan and pack a week before leaving on the holiday you’ve been anticipating all year? In the case of vacation rentals and specifically in Provence I would strongly advise against it. If you want your stay in Provence to be the experience of a lifetime you have to know exactly what you want from your trip and therefore make every effort to get exactly that.
Planning to stay in an exclusive vacation rental is about experiencing Provence like a local, enjoying life in the South of France at your own rhythm. This can only be achieved if you set exact objectives for your emotional escape, and pinpoint key features of your stay that must be fulfilled.

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Perfect Golf courses for your holidays in Provence part 2/3

Part Two: Var And Luberon

The Luberon mountain is spread across  two departments Alpes de Haute Provence and Vaucluse. It is host to the UNESCO recognized Luberon National Park which is not only a fantastic natural reserve but host to a collection of quaint perched medieval villages made famous through books and films set in this part of Provence. South of Luberon you will find the Department of Var which is better known for the French Riviera. But inland just as you are heading for the sea, it is host to two quality golf courses within a 25km drive of each other.

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Perfect Golf courses for your holidays in Provence part 1/3

Photo by chipista

Golf is a sport that can take a very important place in one’s life, it is a passion to many and Provence has the means to satisfy the discerning golfer. When planning your vacations though, many criteria come into account: Do I want a pool? Does the village we are staying at have a café, a restaurant, a market? Is the nearest golf course worth visiting or should I drive an extra half hour to visit a larger one? Will the whole family enjoy the location or is it just a golfer’s paradise?

To answer these questions Just Provence  has put together this series of articles which will be divided in three parts: Vaucluse, Var and Bouches du Rhône. So that you can pick the ideal golfing destination for your next stay in Provence. These will feature quality golf courses in Provence, exclusive vacation rentals and a selection of quality destinations.

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Wine tasting tours : what to do with the children?

Peak season may be over,  but should you visit Provence after “Toussaint” (1st November) the vendanges* will be truly over but you will still be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery Provence has to offer while tasting excellent wine in Caves and Caveaux. But the question many families ask themselves is: what will we do with the children? An afternoon of wine tasting isn’t exactly what they’d describe as a fun day out. won’t they be bored to death while we enjoy the local produce?

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